Art, Dance/Movement, and Music Therapy

Art, dance, and music

Art, dance, and music all appeal to a person's senses and may be used for healing and therapy. Each of these methods can help people express themselves, reduce stress, tension and anxiety, and improve physical and mental health and well-being. These therapies can often be helpful in taking people's minds off their pain and suffering thus giving them some relief, even if it's only temporary.

  • Art therapy. This can help a person deal with emotional conflicts, become aware of issues, and express unspoken concerns. Art therapy includes painting, sculpting, drawing, and many other forms of art.

  • Dance/movement therapy. This form of therapy helps improve body image and self-esteem. It can also decrease fears, express emotions, such as anger, decrease body tension, reduce chronic pain, and much more.

  • Music therapy. This form of therapy is often used in hospitals and other care centers. It helps people to relax and is especially helpful for babies and children. Music therapy may also be used for people who have burns, cancer, or cerebral palsy. It has also been shown to work well for people with other brain disorders and neurological conditions, such as Alzheimer disease.

People who practice art, dance/movement, and music therapy have specialized educational training. Art therapists complete special graduate-level programs and are credentialed in art therapy. Accredited graduate programs prepare dance/movement therapists while music therapists must pass a music therapy licensing exam.

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